Monash Quantum Information Science

Foundation Physics

This first year physics unit that covers classical mechanics, electricity and magnetism, waves, and some quantum physics. This unit allows students with minimal background in physics to get on track with students who were exposed to physics in years 11 and 12. We plan to take this unit to studio environment in the next two years.

Energy and the environment

This unit examines different technologies for generating energy. We then look at how we use energy. Finally, we examine the impact on the environment. Recently we have taken this unit to studio environment, which means we lecture less and allow for more interactive ways of addressing physics.

Quantum information

This is a subunit for Physics Honours program. We start with qubits, and slowly build up to how a quantum computer works. Along the way we look at dense coding, teleportation, random access codes, mixed states, and so on. We also do one week of studies on open quantum system formalism.