Monash Quantum Information Science

Royal Society International Exchanges Grant with Gerardo Adesso of the University of Nottingham to study quantum metrology in mixed quantum states. Begins October 2015 for two years.

Monash-Warwick Alliance seed grant with Animesh Datta of Warwick university to study temporal-nonlocality in energy transport networks. From August 2014 for one year.

Science without borders grant with Lucas Celeri and Daniel Terno to study relativistic quantum information, quantum thermodynamics, and quantum metrology. From February 2014 for two years.

Startup grant from the School of Physics and Astronomy that keeps us running. This supports one research fellow for two years, travel, and visitor expenses. From January 2014 for three years.

Tier 1 grant by the Ministry of Education, Singapore to study entanglement distribution and other entanglement problems with Tomasz Paterek and Mauro Paternostro. From January 2014 for two years.

Project grant by John Templeton Foundation to study quantum to classical correspondence with Oscar Dahlsten, Mile Gu, Cesar Rodriguez-Rosario, and Vlatko Vedral. From January 2012 for two years.